Provincial and City Public Library in Rzeszow

Wojewódzka i Miejska Biblioteka Publiczna w Rzeszowie

samorządowa instytucja kultury Województwa Podkarpackiego i Miasta Rzeszowa

Provincial and City Public Library in Rzeszow

municipal culture institution of Podkarpacie Province and City of Rzeszow

Воєводська і Міська Cуспільна Бібліотека у Жешові

About us

Provincial and City Public Library in Rzeszow offers rich and diverse collections, which are available in lending libraries and reading rooms across Rzeszow.


Library collections are developed with the user needs of reading, information and education in mind.


One of the most important functions of the Library in acquiring collections, is gathering of regional books collection related to the Podkarpacie Province.


WiMBP in Rzeszow has the largest and most diverse regional collections among all the libraries in the Podkarpackie Province, these include : books, regional periodicals, and records of the local community life. 


The offer of collections available to readers in the Library's branches and departments includes: scientific books, popular science books, old and contemporary literature for adults, children and teenagers.

The library lending offer is enriched by these special collections:

  • audio documents with classical music, entertainment music and jazz,
  • music sheets,
  • graphic arts and fine plastic arts,
  • manuscripts, among them.: document of archbishop Jan Rzeszowski from 1433 r. approving  church equipment in the village of  Buszcze; charter for fair organizing in Łańcut issued by the king August II in 1726; sejm speeches from XVIII century; Polish writers' letters from the early XX century,
  • collection of cartography /maps, plans, atlases/,
  • literature audio books,
  • antique books, including the most precious: „Biblia Święta” from 1563; „Zwierciadło” by Mikołaj Rej from 1568; „Chronica Polonorum” by Maciej Miechowit from 1521; „Familiarum Collequiorum” by Erazm of Rotterdam from 1535; „Apokrypha” by Marcin Lutr from 1535; „Historia Polski” by Jan Długosz from 1615; and  „Żywoty świętych” by  Piotr Skarga from 1644.
  • microfilms /with annual volumes of selected regional and nationwide newspapers/,
  • electronic publications on CDs, such as: dictionaries, encyclopedias, armorials, collections of historical source documents, programs for children,
  • films,
  • standards /in the fields of  librarianship and scientific information/,
  • records of community life from  Rzeszow and Podkarpacie province.   


The library loans its collections for outside use, as well as making them available on-site, in reading rooms and reference libraries. The library offer is being constantly supplemented by new acquisitions.


We invite the members of our Library to actively take part in expanding of our collections with new publications. Thanks to the new function of our web site: „suggest a book purchase”, The reader, using a designated form and sending us an e-mail, has the opportunity to report the need of supplementing the library's collections with subsequent, interesting and  necessary publications /books, magazines, or other materials/.


The basic collection of WiMBP in Rzeszow in the form of books and periodicals is being registered in the electronic catalogues of the Library - see online catalogues 


The users can find bibliographic materials concerning Podkarpackie Province in the regional bibliography of the Podkarpackie Province - see regional bibliography


Books from the collections of WiMBP in Rzeszow that have been published before 1939 are successively digitalized and displayed at -Digital Library of Podkarpacie.

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